Taralai School - Picture
Taralai School - Picture


I am the proudly founder of "Napalai Thai Massage & Spa".
I was born in the north-central Thai province of Phetchabun, in Thailand also known as "the second Switzerland" for its mountains. I'm living in Switzerland since 2006 and in 2014 I completed my studies as masseuse at the well-known Taralai School in Bangkok

The thai massage is in fact my passion, together with the traditional art of fruit carving. Both activities are deeply connected with the Thai culture and have as final goal the happiness and peace of the individual, one through the beauty of colors and forms, the other through the treament of the body.
During Your visit we will help You to reach this harmony in body and soul and we hope You will enjoy the experience.
We're therefore looking forward to welcome You in our massage centre.